Inverness Airport: Gateway To The Scottish Highlands

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Scottish Highlands, Inverness Airport (INV) serves as a crucial hub for travellers exploring the natural beauty and rich history of the region. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating past of Inverness Airport, discuss the airlines that operate there, and highlight the unique features that make this airport a must-visit destination for aviation enthusiasts and travellers alike.

A Rich History: From WWII Airfield to Modern Airport

Inverness Airport was initially established as a Royal Air Force airfield during World War II. Known as RAF Dalcross, the airfield played a vital role in the defence of the British Isles, with several RAF squadrons stationed there throughout the war. After the war, the airfield was decommissioned, and civilian flights began operating from the site in the early 1950s.

Over the years, the airport has undergone significant expansion and modernisation, transforming it into the efficient and passenger-friendly hub that it is today. Boasting a single terminal and serving over 800,000 passengers annually, Inverness Airport is now the main gateway to the Scottish Highlands for both domestic and international travellers.

Airlines and Destinations: Connecting Inverness to the World

Inverness Airport is well-connected, with several airlines offering regular services to and from the airport. Some of the major airlines operating at INV include:

Moreover, seasonal flights are also available to popular holiday destinations such as Alicante, Faro, and Palma de Mallorca, making Inverness Airport an ideal starting point for your next getaway.

Unique Features: Embracing the Highland Spirit

One of the most unique aspects of Inverness Airport is its strong connection to the local culture and heritage. Throughout the terminal, you’ll find artwork and displays showcasing the history and traditions of the Scottish Highlands. This cultural touch not only enhances the passenger experience but also helps to create a sense of place that sets Inverness Airport apart from other airports.

Relax in Style: Airport Lounge Facilities

Travellers looking for a quiet and comfortable space to unwind before their flight can make use of the Inverness Airport Executive Lounge. The lounge, which is open to all passengers for a nominal fee, offers a range of amenities, including complimentary snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and a selection of newspapers and magazines. By providing a relaxing and peaceful environment, the Executive Lounge ensures that your journey from Inverness Airport gets off to the best possible start.

Terminal Information and Nearby Hotels

Inverness Airport features a single, modern terminal building, which is designed to provide passengers with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. The terminal offers a range of facilities, such as ample parking, car hire services, and a selection of shops and restaurants to cater to all your pre-flight needs.

For those looking to stay close to the airport, there are several hotels in the vicinity, including:

  1. Courtyard by Marriott Inverness Airport: Located just a short walk from the terminal, this modern hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and an on-site restaurant.
  2. Muthu Newton Hotel: Situated in the nearby town of Nairn, the Muthu Newton Hotel is a charming and historic property set within beautiful landscaped gardens. Guests can enjoy luxurious accommodation, fine dining, and easy access to the airport.
  3. Culloden House Hotel: This elegant country house hotel is just a short drive from Inverness Airport and offers a luxurious stay amidst beautiful woodland surroundings. With its award-winning restaurant and sumptuous rooms, the Culloden House Hotel is perfect for a relaxing pre-flight stay.

What To See And Where To Eat In Inverness

Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, is a city steeped in history and brimming with natural beauty. One of the must-see attractions in the city is the Inverness Castle, a stunning 19th-century structure that offers breathtaking views of the River Ness and surrounding landscape.

Close by is the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, where visitors can delve into the region’s rich history and admire works of art by local artists. Just a stone’s throw away from the city center, the Ness Islands provide a serene retreat for those seeking a peaceful walk surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of the river.

The surrounding area of Inverness also boasts a wealth of attractions for the eager explorer. A short drive from the city will take you to the legendary Loch Ness, where you can embark on a boat cruise in search of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. While there, make sure to visit the nearby Urquhart Castle, a picturesque ruin with a fascinating past.

For nature enthusiasts, the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve is a must-visit, offering stunning landscapes of ancient Caledonian pinewoods, lochs, and mountain peaks.

After a day of sightseeing, visitors can indulge in the local culinary delights at numerous restaurants and pubs in Inverness. Rocpool Restaurant is a popular choice, serving up innovative Scottish dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. For those craving authentic Scottish pub fare, head to The Castle Tavern, a cozy pub with a wide selection of local ales and whiskies.

If you’re looking for an evening of live music and entertainment, Hootananny is a lively venue offering traditional Scottish music, ceilidhs, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re in search of history, nature, or a taste of Scottish culture, Inverness and its surroundings have plenty to offer.

Inverness Airport: Gateway To The Scottish Highlands
Photo by Robin Canfield on Unsplash

Airport Codes and More Information

Inverness Airport is assigned the IATA code INV and the ICAO code EGPE. To find more information about the airport, such as flight schedules, transportation options, and other facilities, you can visit the airport’s official website at

Discover the Scottish Highlands: Book Your Inverness Airport Experience Today

Whether you’re planning a trip to explore the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands or simply passing through on a connecting flight, Inverness Airport offers a comfortable, efficient, and uniquely local experience for all travellers. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this charming gateway to the Highlands – book your flight, hotel, or airport lounge access today and start your journey from Inverness Airport in style!

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