Discovering The Charm Of Newquay Airport: Your Ultimate Guide

Join us as we explore the captivating world of Newquay Airport, a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque Cornish countryside. This engaging guide will take you on a journey through the airport’s fascinating history, diverse airlines, and unique features. So, grab a cup of tea and prepare to uncover the beauty of Cornwall’s aviation gateway.

The History of Newquay Cornwall Airport

Newquay Cornwall Airport, known by its IATA code NQY and ICAO code EGHQ, has a rich history that dates back to its establishment as a Royal Air Force (RAF) station during World War II. Here’s a brief overview of the airport’s historical timeline:

  1. Origins: Founded in 1943 as RAF St. Mawgan, the airport served as an important military base during World War II and throughout the Cold War.
  2. Civilian Operations: In the early 2000s, the airport began welcoming commercial flights, transforming into a regional hub for both domestic and international air travel.
  3. Growth and Expansion: Over the years, the airport has continued to expand and modernise, with ongoing developments and improvements to its infrastructure, facilities, and airline offerings.

Airlines Serving Newquay Cornwall Airport

Although a relatively small airport, NQY offers a range of flights operated by various airlines, connecting travellers to destinations across the UK and Europe. Some of the key airlines serving the airport include:

  • British Airways: Offering seasonal flights to London Heathrow, British Airways allows passengers to enjoy seamless connectivity to destinations worldwide via its extensive global network.
  • Loganair: This Scottish airline connects NQY to several cities in the UK, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.
  • Eastern Airways: Eastern Airways operates regular flights between NQY and other regional airports in the UK, such as Manchester and Leeds Bradford.

What Sets NQY Apart From Other Airports?

Newquay Cornwall Airport is a unique aviation hub that offers a range of distinguishing features for travellers. Here are some of the aspects that make the airport stand out:

  • Scenic Location: Situated in the beautiful Cornish countryside, the airport offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and coastlines, providing a picturesque backdrop for your journey.
  • Surfboard-Friendly: Embracing the region’s popular surf culture, NQY accommodates passengers travelling with surfboards, offering dedicated storage and handling facilities for these bulky items.
  • Ease of Access: With its compact size and efficient facilities, the airport provides a stress-free experience for travellers, ensuring a quick and smooth journey through the terminal.

Lounges Available at Newquay Airport

While NQY currently does not feature any dedicated airline lounges, the airport offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for passengers to relax and unwind before their flight. The terminal is equipped with a range of seating options, as well as dining and shopping facilities for travellers to enjoy.

The Terminal and Accommodation Options at NQY

Newquay Cornwall Airport features one passenger terminal, offering a range of essential services and facilities, including check-in desks, baggage reclaim, car rental services, and airport information. For those in need of accommodation near the airport, several hotels and guesthouses are located within close proximity to the terminal:

  1. Travelodge Newquay Seafront Hotel: This budget-friendly hotel is situated a short drive away from the airport, offering comfortable rooms and easy access to Newquay’s town centre and beaches.
  2. Bedruthan Hotel & Spa: Located just a few miles from the airport, this upscale hotel offers luxurious accommodation with stunning sea views, a range of spa facilities, and fine dining options, perfect for a relaxing getaway.
  3. The Scarlet Hotel: Another luxurious option near the airport, The Scarlet Hotel features contemporary rooms, an on-site spa, and a restaurant serving locally sourced cuisine, all set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Cornish coastline.

What To See And Where To Eat In Newquay

Newquay Airport is the gateway to surfing
Photo by Carter Moorse on Unsplash

Discover More About Newquay Airport

To learn more about the airport, including flight schedules, airport services, and transportation options, visit the official website at Here, you’ll find airport maps, guides, and helpful information to assist you in planning your journey.

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Next time you find yourself flying through Newquay Cornwall Airport, take a moment to appreciate its rich history, diverse range of airlines, and picturesque surroundings. And don’t hesitate to share your own experiences in the comments below – we’d love to hear about your personal encounters with this captivating Cornish gem.

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